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Metrics & Associates as a management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy.

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METRICS Advisory Services: the optimum blend of accountancy expertise, sector understanding and personal attributes

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Welcome to Metrics & Associates, your one stop for a comprehensive business solutions.

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Business Strategy

Many companies—even high performers—don’t have all the broad-based strategy skills they need to generate sustained, profitable growth. The problem is that the process of strategy development and execution is often detached from the organization at large, driven by a handful of people within the strategy function.


  METRICS’s dedicated and highly experienced advisory services teams have the depth of industry and technical resources to respond rapidly to our clients’ needs. Dealing with us is different. Our personable and pragmatic approach ensures strong working relationships with all our clients that go beyond the individual assignments we work on. METRICS offers a high […]


METRICS provides a comprehensive tool kit to address our client’s risk, internal control and compliance needs Proper risk management is no longer simply a matter of identifying and mitigating risk. Rather, today’s organizations must go above and beyond, and implement proactive structures that not only detect risk, but also enhance the strategic and operational foundations […]

Business Turn Around

Turnaround Companies in financial distress face a unique set of challenges. They must ensure short-term survival while preparing for long-term success. If bankruptcy is unavoidable, a robust reorganization plan that addresses the needs of all stakeholders is imperative. To thrive again in these difficult times, companies must answer critical questions such as these: How can […]

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